Case Studies

July 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018



Fifty percent of women are dissatisfied with the car they buy, due in large part to the poor sales experience and the lack of openness and dialogue when buying a car. In fact, 74% of women admit to feeling misunderstood by car sellers.

So when it came to the launch of the new Equinox SUV, targeting the key demographic of Women 35+, we needed to more than just drive awareness. We needed to elevate and activate

the creative platform of having ‘Nothing to Prove’, via an engaging and humorous campaign

that engages women with relatable content whilst showcasing the features of the Equinox.

In short, we needed to stop telling and start seducing. We needed to satisfy by creating a

network of influences that surrounds and empowers them… enter Celeste Barber.



Who doesn’t love Celeste Barber? Parodying celebrities through her everyday mum poses on Instagram has quickly become a social media favourite for her 3.2 million followers.

Lacuna engaged Celeste and Bauer Media’s brand entertainment division, Story54, to create a satirical 4-part branded content series for the launch of the Holden Equinox SUV.

The tagline #NothingToProve aligned perfectly with Celeste’s humorous portrayal of the everyday Australian woman mimicking the overly-styled world of the professional model.

Videos included a mock ‘Behind the Scenes’ TVC production of Celeste showcasing the Equinox in her inimitable way and another which hilariously juxtaposes the expectation versus reality when it comes to washing your car (reality = kids, buckets of water and an open panoramic sunroof of course!).

To quote Celeste “I’ve built a career on the idea of having ‘nothing to prove’ so this campaign was the perfect fit!” The series accelerated the Equinox positioning to target a female audience, with enormous reach achieved across Bauer’s Now to Love digital brand network and Woman’s Day’s social channels.

Click on the below links to view the Holden Equinox x Celeste Barber content pieces:



The video content series went viral, reaching 10M+ people and achieving 5.5M+ video views.

760,000 of these views were achieved within the first 24 hours.

Over 16,000 passionate and positive comments were achieved during the campaign period, resulting in an over delivery of car enquiries and sales to our key target, now engaged women.