Case Studies

December 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

With over 50,000 people at the Domain in Sydney and millions watching from home, the 35th annual Woolworth’s Carols in the Domain once again brought together families to share the joy of Christmas.

As a proud partner of the annual event, Holden’s multi-media integration achieved huge scale and cut-through and expedited the launch of the all-new Equinox into the hearts and minds of consumers across Australia.

With comprehensive exposure across television, radio, print and digital, Lacuna brought an extra dimension to the Carols in the Domain partnership with an effective on-ground activation for consumers to get up close and personal with the Holden Equinox.

Before the concert, event-goers were given the opportunity to experience the Equinox features firsthand in a carpool-style Caroloake competition. Families relished the chance to jump into the Holden Equinox to belt out their favourite Christmas Carols for a chance to win backstage passes.

The activation provided the perfect way to showcase the interior of the Equinox to consumers, who relished the chance to share their #HoldenEquinoxCarols videos across their social channels.